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CCSTEM.org closing June 1st

Published on May 18, 2017, by

Dear Friends and Colleagues in STEM,

While the Central Coast STEM website will be going dark on June 1, 2017, the Board members would like you to know we will continue to advocate and place our energy into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in our area. Though we are sad to close this chapter on CCSTEM, we are very certain we will maintain connections through the work we currently do and will do in the future.

As you know, there are many resources on this website. We are going to “file” the site offline as best we can, but if there’s something on the site you care about, please feel free to download files that you want for your own safe keeping. Do it before May 30th.

Science After Dark lives on through Facebook!

CCSTEM Board of Directors

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