About Us

CCSTEM stands for Central Coast Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education Collaborative.

Established in 2012, we are a collaboration of educators, business leaders, parents, students and and much more looking to leverage community resources in support of formal and informal STEM education, from Pre-Kindergarten to high school.

Our coalition has one aim: Enhanced STEM educational opportunities and experiences for our children.

CCSTEM is your central resource for anything STEM education related in California Central Coast communities from San Simeon and Paso Robles in the north to Santa Barbara and Carpinteria in the south.  The CCSTEM Calendar shows all of the interesting events going on in our communities to benefit children and adults.

We hope that as a collaboration, we can bring students, parents, educators and business leaders resources they need to advance STEM education on California’s beautiful Central Coast.

So, please study our website, check our educational Resource materials, and enjoy your visit to CCSTEM!  If you have any questions or comments about our organization and/or wish to become involved in some way, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us and help improve STEM educational experiences for Central Coast children.


Central Coast STEM Collaborative is a network of families, educators, business professionals, and other community stakeholders invested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education and achievement.  We are committed to enhancing and promoting STEM learning and developing career readiness by fostering the collective impact of local, state, and national affiliates.


An educated society collaboratively engaged in an innovative culture of STEM learning in which people of all backgrounds productively contribute to our sustainable future.

Our Work

The Central Coast STEM Collaborative focuses on what Central Coast communities and businesses should and can do to bolster and enhance science, technology, engineering and mathematics education in K-12 schools.  In today’s highly challenging world of increasing foreign competition, America’s, California’s and the Central Coast’s educational systems are reeling from major financial cuts, resulting in damaging reductions in teachers, classes and important STEM educational content.  This is a critical situation for our nation, a major crisis looming for America’s future economy and security.

This Collaborative consists of professionals, business leaders, non-profits, STEM education organizations, and education, community and governmental leaders discussing the condition of K-12 STEM education on the Central Coast and developing a collaboration network to pursue grants, enhanced STEM education opportunities and experiences for children, and increased professional development training for STEM teachers from Paso Robles to Santa Barbara.

Due to the lack of sufficient STEM education, Americans are facing very difficult times ahead in our state’s and nation’s educational system and business.  For all practical purposes, STEM education does not exist in elementary school, which is precisely where there should be very strong, exciting and fun STEM education for the very young, impressionable minds, energizing them to want more.  STEM education in grade’s 7 through 12 needs serious bolstering.  And, Central Coast families and children need more after-school, weekend and summer hands-on STEM camp experiences.  Communities must begin taking strong and effective action, NOW, to face this crisis head-on, taking responsibility for what our state and schools are being increasingly hard pressed to do.  The time has come for communities to work together in forging our nation’s future through rigorous STEM education.



Central Coast STEM Collaborative is the seventh regional alliance within California STEM Learning Network.

CSLNet’s Mission

In order for all California students to have access to high quality STEM teaching and learning it is critical to address statewide gaps in California’s education system.

California STEM Learning Network’s Statewide Initiatives address key STEM learning challenges by building coherence among California’s many STEM-related programs and identifying solutions that can be addressed by a concerted statewide effort.

CSLNet is working with its Regional Networks and other partners around California to advance a set of Statewide Initiatives that scale high quality STEM teaching and learning across regions and throughout the state.

Other CSLNet Regional Alliances

East Bay – Orange County – Sacramento – San Bernardino – San Diego – Silicon Valley

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