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The key word in CCSTEM’s operation is “Collaborative”.  We are working hard to attract supporters, be they educators, business leaders and general employees and members of the general public, to communicate and work together to provide “collective impact” for the benefit of the children of our communities.  That means that YOU, and your friends and business associaties, are eagerly encouraged to check out CCSTEM’s operation and consider becoming involved.

That involvement could be general support of the organization’s business operations, to conducting STEM outreach work, or providing any level of financial support you wish to provide.

We are always looking to develop strong partnerships with businesses in finding resources or programs that would be of benefit to providing enhanced STEM education.  Sometimes we desire to help develop programs for teacher professional development and student activities, but these programs may need physical or labor resources, and/or financial backing.  This is where our communities, as individuals or groups, can be of signficant benefit to CCSTEM’s operation, leveraging a great many people and resources to achieve powerful “collective impact”.

So, please give serious consideration to contacting us and becoming involved.  The first step is always the toughest, but in our case, it is very easy.  Our CCSTEM organization and membership are extremely friendly and outgoing, welcoming anyone with open arms who are concerned about our nation’s dismal position in STEM education, who wish to contribute to its improvement and rebirth as the world’s finest system of STEM public education from Pre-School through college.

If you only wish to make a financial donation, that would be just fine.  We would gladly accept any and all donations.

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