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Reconstruction Begins
August 2, 2014

There have been lots of changes along the PB&J right-of-way over the past year or so. The largest change is the back yard. The entire back yard has been taken over by a deck (see the photos of Lynn's retirement party). The other major occurence was the removal of the large oak tree that was right in the middle of Fosterville. This necessitated the removal of the entire railroad. So, we're pretty much starting over.

When Papa Bill got started a couple weeks ago, there was NOTHING but a few concrete bridge supports and the wall around the mission area. Everything had been take out to raw ground.

Some other changes to note... A new puppy, Sandy, a labradoodle, brought a dog run to the driveway. The run is directly behind the bench. That actually opened up the area nicely. The hot tub is gone from the concrete area lower right. This'll be a new seating area. Note how the two bridges will soon lead to a 30-degree crossover/diamond in the foreground. There will be a balloon track on the rock patio that connects one side of the diamond to the other making the basic layout a circle eight.

Dad sifted through all the buildings available and chose the best to be put back in use. The bridge segments were set out temporarily to see if we still had them all. Looks good. The long segment remains safely in the rafters of the garage for now. All the bridges will be properly re-installed later.

The mine got cut off from the layout by a chain link fence (dog related), so it's been brought into the main area. You can see it on the slope in the foreground.

The 7.5" gauge caboose remains, though it needs a little TLC.

The first thing Papa Bill did was get a circle of track put down temporarily. The kids were on it like white on rice. There were as many as three trains running at one time.

The white house behind the larger house in the middle of the picture sits on the stump of the removed oak tree.

Yup, that's the stump.

Photos by Jamie Foster Photography.

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