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May 13, 2011

The last task for this trip... Re-varnishing the bridges. Poppa Bill finished this morning! All the track work got finished while he was here, as well as all the building maintenance. We tried to make Lionel's new G-gauge battery-powered "kid" trains work, but with only limited success. While those trains tracked perfectly well on the plastic track that came with them, we could not get them to track well at all out on the PB&J. We tried weighting the loco down, and weighting down the pilot as well, but it never got very reliable. We may try some more later. Dad also took out a couple switches that were never really used as switches but caused derailments for the kids. Still looks like a switch is there, but no.

One of the new felines, Princess. There also two new kittens running around somewhere: Oreo and Baby.

The Dynamic Duo!

AJ really likes shooting hoops!

Photos by Jamie Foster Photography.

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