Where in the World is Berry-Berry

King City, CA [map]
April, 2007

Here I am, Berry-Berry, at the 2R Ranch, just outside of King City, Monterey County, California. My stay at the 2R Ranch sure taught me a lot about chopping wood and pitching hay. Whew! I sure built up some muscles doing all that hard work. The Daniels family have owned this ranch for over 100 years and they have lots of really neat, old equipment. See me on the old truck and on the old broken-down buckboard wagon? They raise cattle on the 2R Ranch and grow lots of barley. Unfortunately, because it hasn't rained very much this year, the crops aren't growing as thick as the Danielses would like and the cattle are having a hard time finding water. I had a good time learning about ranching at the 2R Ranch. It's fun to learn about how our food is produced.

I got to drive this old truck around at the 2R Ranch. It is a neat old vehicle.

Here I am on an old broken-down buckboard wagon. This is what the 2R Ranch used to use before the invention of trucks and cars.

Pitching hay helps build large muscles and the cows sure like the sweet taste of the hay!

I chopped all that wood you see behind me. Whew! That was a lot of work.

King City, CA