Where in the World is Berry-Berry

Chicago, IL [map]
San Antonio, TX [map]
Los Angeles, CA [map]
January 25-28, 2007

Berry-Berry travels by train from Chicago, Illinois to Los Angeles, California by way of San Antonio, Texas.

Berry-Berry warmed up a little in front of the fireplace at the hotel before venturing outside - where it was very cold!

There was snow on the ground just outside the hotel's front door.

He ate breakfast at Melrose Diner in Chicago.

Berry-Berry met Eric, a freshman at DePaul University in Chicago.

Chicago's Union Station (Amtrak).

Here's the berth where Berry-Berry lived on the train.

Here's the same berth set up for sleeping.

Berry-Berry watches the countryside of western Texas from the dining car.

Berry-Berry relaxes at Amtrak's Union Station in Los Angeles.

Chicago, IL.
San Antonio, TX.
Los Angeles, CA.

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