Welcome to Astronomy!


We'll boldly explore the practically infinite topic of astronomy, covering topics from the moon, to the solar system, to stars, to galaxies and constellations, and to the far reaches of the known universe. The core curriculum described below will be our guide, and there will also be a multitude of opportunity for individual "deep dives" into specific areas that grab the student's interests. Here's a sampling of lesson titles: Extreme Phenomena - Black Holes, White Dwarfs and other Intense Stars; So You Think You Know the Moon; Manned Space Exploration; The Gas Giants – Jupiter and Saturn; and Far. How far is it to the other side of the universe? In this arena, what does “the other side” mean?

The core curriculum for this course is "Home School Astronomy" (visit http://www.homeschoolastronomy.com). Lessons are typically presented as slide shows that include astounding images from all around the universe. These are engaging in and of themselves, but our process will also include questioning and discussion, and side trips, and tangents.

How This Works


Check here each week to find out what's coming up, what pre-class assignments should be done, and what to expect in the way of homework following the next class (if any). The Syllabus will build as we go along, and that page is built in reverse chronological order so that the most recent/current is at the top.

The Teacher


Mr. Jamie Foster will lead this expedition into infinity and beyond. Originally schooled in geology (B.A., Carleton College, MN), Mr. Foster has gone on to work in software engineering, gemology, the space industry, strategic planning, and other areas such as real estate, retail business, and photography. He was with the California Space Authority from inception in 1995 to 2010, serving most recently as its Chief Operations Officer. He holds a California single-subject (secondary) teaching credential in the sciences. You may contact him by email.