Welcome to the "California Innovation Corridor" (CIC) website. Here you'll find the results of a 4-Year Department of Labor grant to the State of California and the California Space Authority titled, "Workforce Innovation in Regional Economic Development" (WIRED). The Corridor included: the grant manager; the California Space Authority; the State of California's Labor and Workforce Development Agency and Employment Development Department; and over 60 industry, academic, workforce, and economic development participants extending across 13 counties.

Final Report, February 2010, PDF, 5.5mb, includes the Executive Summary.

Executive Summary of the Final Report, February 2010, PDF, 771kb.

Newsletter Extract (4-page highlights of results), January 2010, PDF, 2.5mb.

Go to the Deliverables page for materials from the California Innovation Corridor (CIC).

All deliverables across the national WIRED program (including ours) may also be found at the Workforce Solutions website.

The three primary Corridor goals of the WIRED grant were Innovation Support, Industrial Rejuvenation, and Talent Development.