The safe use of GO2TM

GO2 is a 4,000 ppm chlorine dioxide. This concentrate must be handled with care and all procedures must be followed according to the product label and the GO2MSDS.

General Safety Guidelines

  • Avoid high aqueous concentrations, above 1000 mg/l
  • Use at recommended levels (or <10.0 ppm)
  • Maintain ventilation
  • Use at lowest possible temperature
  • Careful choice of generation method
  • Provide good and on-going training

Preparation of the GO2 4,000 ppm solution

  • Always read the MSDS and follow the safety instructions
  • Write the date of production on the label of the container

Step 1:

  • Fill container with exactly the amount of water as specified on the used jars/pails to be used
  • Check temperature table on jars/pails (Min 68F - 20C)

Step 2:

  • First add GO2 component A to the water.
    Do not inhale above open pails/jars.
  • Next, add GO2 component B to the water
  • Close container tightly
  • Do not stir or mix the water or shake the container
  • Wait according to timetable instructions:

Step 3:

  • Shake small containers gently, or stir/mix larger containers slowly
  • Beware of ClO2 gas release during mixing
  • GO2 solution is now ready for dosing.
  • Store in Cool and Dark place

OSHA limits for ClO2 in air

0.1 ppm TWA (PEL)
The Permissible Exposure Level based on a Time Weighted Average ? 0.1 ppm

0.3 ppm STEL
The Short Term Exposure Level 0.3ppm

Controlling Off-gassing

  • Off-gassing is A function of temperature and concentration
  • Chlorine dioxide solubility increases at lower temperature
  • Maintain solution temperature below 100F
  • Monitors are readily available from various vendors