June 17, 2012

Wine Tasting: southern end of north county

We started in Santa Margarita at Ancient Peaks.

Fossilized oyster from the ranch. Now that's a big oyster!

Bob and Sandy are in the market for a shed, and there just happened to be a shed store right across the street (more or less)...

Cluck cluck cluck...

At the east end of downtown Santa Margarita is Bonnie's, where Pozo Valley Winery is located.

We had a great lunch at Ian McPhee's Grill in Templeton.

Clavo is just a block from McPhee's and was on our list. But, alas, they were closed.

We crashed Frolicking Frog Winery. After a rather interesting trip to find the place, we got there only to find out that it's by appointment only. The very gracious hosts took us in anyway! They were working on the ratios for a blend when we arrived.

Our last stop of the day was at the oldest winery in the county. Rotta Winery has been under that family name since 1908. The site has been a vineyard and winery since the 1850s.